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Alpha Phi High Ideals

Alpha Phi's strive to uphold our four values that are the framework of our sisterhood. They are what bond us as women, as friends, as mentors, and as sisters.

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Alpha Phi values each member's passion for education, knowledge, and achievement. Our founders were ten of the first twenty women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872 and they had the courage to persevere to earn a college education despite societal expectations at the time.

Alpha Phis demonstrate the philanthropic spirit of love and charity, and Alpha Phi empowers you to make an impact on your community. Alpha Phis share a passion for helping one another and those in need. 

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Alpha Phis cherish life-long friendships rooted in kindness, love, and respect for one another. We believe in the concept of Watch-care - a tenet of our sisterhood which encourages support of one another through the good times and the bad, whether helping one another with academics or providing much-needed support during hardships.



Alpha Phi fosters the qualities of strong character that distinguish our members and our sisterhood, including compassion, integrity and sincerity. In Alpha Phi, all members learn to lead by example through their actions and communication. They set expectations high for themselves and each other, and strive diligently to meet them.

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