Leadership in Alpha Phi

Alpha Phis lead by example and strive for continuous, innovative improvement. Since her inception, Alpha Phi has been a leader in the Greek community. Alpha Phi's founders encouraged one another to think, invent and improve. This pioneering spirit can be seen throughout Alpha Phi history and today - in our founding, our development of new chapters and our willingness to be an innovator as exemplified by our many "firsts".

Executive Board

Meet our 2019 Executive Board!

The members of our executive board oversee all of the different departments within Alpha Phi. These ladies go above and beyond to ensure that our chapter thrives on our campus through their hard work and dedication! 

Thanks a million for everything that you do, sisters!

Brianna Hackett

Chapter President 

JOnna Leavitt

VP Risk Management

VP Programming & Education

Katie McClain

Sarah Trumble

VP Membership Recruitment

Katelyn Gliege

VP Marketing

VP Finance

Anna Walden

Maya gough

VP Community Relations

RHo Gamma

Panhellenic Delegate

(Disaffiliated for Fall Recruitment)

Director of Administration

Trystan Potter

Each Vice President has members in their department who focus on specific areas to help our chapter run smoothly.

Members are given many opportunities that reach different strengths and interests to help them foster their leadership skills and their resumes. Check out more sisters who have these positions within our chapter!

Department Positions

Ashley Trovato

Director of Academics

Emma Mills

Director of Community Service

Director of Sisterhood

Parker Ward

Andrea Wadsworth

Director of Internal Events

Adelyn Hamrick

Director of External Events

Director of Campus Activities

Claire Haener

Stella Davidson-Musser

Director of COB

Abbey McKnight

Director of Formal Recruitment 

Assistant Director of Finance

Natalie DWight

Hanna O'Leary

Director of Sisterhood

Makena Zorza

Director of Philanthropy

Director of Programming & Watchcare

Rho Gamma

Rachel Pontius

Director of Chapter Facilities

Kallyn Mai

Director of Social Media

Director of Social Media

Ally Robertson

Jaeda Schnuerle

Director of Merchandise

Nanaki Singh

Director of Social Media

Big Little Chair

Tiffany Mckay 

Hannah Norton

Big Little Chair



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