Our Home

Alpha Phi is more than just a house, it is a home. Located at 604 Elm Street, our big white house is filled with Alpha Phi members who overflow the home with laughs and love. Check out below a peek inside of our chapter facility, and stop by at any time to receive a house tour! 


Our dining room is where we eat all of our meals and host sisterhoods or formal events. We have an amazing chef who is very accommodating to every member's dietary needs, and makes such yummy food for us! Plus, continental breakfast, fruit, and snacks 24/7... yum! 


Each of our home's day rooms has a desk and closet for each person living in the room, plus a vanity which includes sinks and cupboard space! Our day rooms vary in how many roommates are living there and members decorate their rooms however they want. Our rooms are a great place to hang out with our sisters, study, and get ready! 


Our study table is the prime spot for women to study in the chapter facility. Including many seats, a couch (not shown), and a large table for group projects, we are able to get to work as if we're at a library! Check out our "Scholarship" page for more information on our academic program! 


Our TV room is a favorite hangout spot in our chapter facility. Filled with comfy couches and blankets, the TV room is a top pick to hang out with our sisters and watch movies just like at home! 


Each live-in member has their own desk and closet for themselves. These are very spacious to store all of our belongings in a private spot. 


This is the most popular spot in our chapter. Located in the heart of our home, this couch creates laughs, love, and memories for sisters to cherish forever.  



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