The Alpha Phi Beta Zeta chapter is dedicated to empowering one another to reach our highest potential regarding our academic studies throughout our time at the University of Idaho. 

Each semester we offer scholarship awards to members who show outstanding dedication to their studies and giving back to our sisterhood as much as it has given them. This past academic year seven women were awarded scholarships including Daisy Banks, Trystan Potter, Drea Wadsworth, Jonna Leavitt, and our president Bri Hackett. 


Study Table

Scholarship in Alpha Phi is a vital aspect of our sisterhood. As a sisterhood, we lean on one another as a support system to push us to excel beyond our own personal expectations. We adopted an efficient system that allows each member to set academic goals they strive for each semester. Our scholarship chair, Paige Blanchat, reaches out to sisters to make a personalized plan to help each member maximize their studying time efficiently. Our scholarship chair creates a catered schedule for our members that gives them the opportunity to work individually as well as with each other.

Smarty Pants

The Beta Zeta chapter would like to recognize all the women in our chapter with outstanding GPAs! This is our incentive program initiated in Alpha Phi that allows members to empower one another to strive for high GPAs. In our program, women who attain a 3.7 GPA or higher will receive an exclusive merchandise item designed to reward our sisters for all of their hard work throughout the semester. They are also recognized at our semester "Professor Dinner" for their dedication to their education!


Below are the women from the Fall 2020 semester who achieved a GPA of 3.7 or higher. Way to go, sisters!




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