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Meet our Recruitment Team


Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Phoebe McGrath

(208) 739-7400

ashlynn valdez

Director of Formal Recruitment

Ashlynn Valdez 

(208) 899-2834

We want to meet you! 

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) begins after the conclusion of Formal Recruitment and continues throughout the academic year. COB in Alpha Phi offers women the opportunity to participate in sorority life and join a sorority through an informal process.
If you are interested in meeting some Alpha Phi members, feel free to contact our Directors of COB, Taylor Zrno & Joey Klauser at & 
to come to have dinner, some coffee, and hang out with us! 

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Taylor Zrno.JPG

Formal Recruitment  2022

Rotational 1- August 11 

Rotational 1 is the first day of formal recruitment! You will meet with some of the chapters this day and get to know the lovely women in each of them! 

Rotational 2- August 12

Rotational 2 is the second day of formal recruitment. On this day PNM's will get to meet with the chapters they did not get a chance to talk to and day one. 

Rotational 3- August 13

Rotational 3 consists of deeper, meaningful conversations within the chapters you may visit. Each day gives you a better feeling on where your forever home is!

Rotational 4- August 14 Preference

Rotational 4 or preference night entails special ceremonies, unique to each chapter! PNM's may or may not attend 1 to 2 total ceremonies. This is the night you make your final decisions on your forever home and get run home tomorrow! 

Bid Day- August 15 

Bid day is the most anticipated day of the year (one of our favorites!).  You open your bid day card and run home to your forever home! 

Commonly Asked Questions


Q: I would like to send in a letter of recommendation from an Alpha Phi. Where should I send it?

A: If you would like to send in a Letter of Recommendation send them to


Q: What should I wear during recruitment?

A: There is a recruitment lookbook on the University of Idaho Greek life page to guide you!


Q: I want to find out more about Alpha Phi’s Organization, where should I go?

A: All of our International values, philanthropy, and events are on Alpha Phi’s official website,, or peek around here! 

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