Meet our Recruitment Team


Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Phoebe McGrath

(208) 739-7400

ashlynn valdez

Director of Formal Recruitment

Ashlynn Valdez 

(208) 899-2834

We want to meet you! 

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) begins after the conclusion of Formal Recruitment and continues throughout the academic year. COB in Alpha Phi offers women the opportunity to participate in sorority life and join a sorority through an informal process.
If you are interested in meeting some Alpha Phi members, feel free to contact our Directors of COB, Taylor Zrno & Joey Klauser at & 
to come to have dinner, some coffee, and hang out with us! 

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Formal Recruitment  2021

Conversation Day

This is the first day of recruitment where you visit all of the sororities on UI's campus! You will get to meet our members and get a chance to learn more about our sisterhood here in Alpha Phi.


Sisterhood Day

On day two of recruitment, you can be invited back to eight chapters for the opportunity to see what the sisterhood of Alpha Phi is all about! You will meet multiple sisters as we give you the chance to see for yourselves what sisterhood truly means to all of us here at Alpha Phi Beta Zeta chapter. 

Philanthropy Day

This is day three of formal recruitment where you can be invited back to a total of five houses. On this day, you will learn more about the different foundations that sororities support and really get a deeper look into their sisterhood. This is one of our favorite days of recruitment because we support a cause that is close to all of our hearts... women's heart health!

Preference Night

This is the final day of recruitment. On this day, you can be invited back to two houses where they will show you a special ceremony from their sisterhood. By Preference Day you will have met so many amazing women and this will be our last chance to show you exactly what sisterhood is about. Our goal is to help you find your home, and hopefully, after this day you will know exactly where you are meant to be! 

Bid Day

Bid Day is by far the best part of recruitment because this is when you find out where your new home is! Bid Night is the same day as Preference Day. All ten sororities eagerly wait outside on the Admin Lawn to welcome you into our sisterhood! We can't wait to meet everyone and help you find the sisterhood that is just right for you! 

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Commonly Asked Questions


Q: I would like to send in a letter of recommendation from an Alpha Phi. Where should I send it?

A: If you would like to send in a Letter of Recommendation send them to


Q: What should I wear during recruitment?

A: There is a recruitment lookbook on the University of Idaho Greek life page to guide you!


Q: I want to find out more about Alpha Phi’s Organization, where should I go?

A: All of our International values, philanthropy, and events are on Alpha Phi’s official website,, or peek around here!