Beta Zeta Alumnae




The Alumnae from the Beta Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi will always hold a very special place

in our hearts. Alumnae women are a true representation that the sisterhood in Alpha Phi last way beyond your four years in college. Alpha Phi is lifelong.


As long as Alpha Phi remains in your heart, we will remember you.


We send out two newsletters annually to our registered Alumnae sisters and connect fellow Alumnae sisters through a private Beta Zeta Alumnae Facebook page. If you would like to reconnect with your littles, grand-littles, and pledge class sisters - don’t hesitate to email us so we can add you to the Facebook page! Send any photos you may have to us in the "Contact" tab of Click on your pledge class below to see more photos!


Just like our beloved forget-me-not flower, we shall never forget you.




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